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 How to purchase tickets

•    Choose an event from the front page of the online store or from page Tickets.
•    The event specific information and ticket details can be seen on the event's webpage.  
•    Choose the desired amount of the needed tickets from the dropdown list next to a product.
•    Clicking on Add to cart moves you to the next phase.
•    The next page shows the contents of your shopping cart that can be edited. You can alter the number of tickets by clicking the minus or plus signs or remove an item by clicking the cross sign. If you wish to add a new product to cart you can return to product list by clicking any product name on your cart or Home.
•    Clicking on Proceed to checkout moves you to the next phase.
•    Sign in to Messuklubi or use the Fast Order which doesn’t require signing in, and you only need to provide your name and email address for delivering the tickets. If you wish to join Messuklubi at the same time, cross the box Join Messuklubi (only in Finnish).
•    Choose payment method from the dropdown list.
•    If you have a coupon code, add it to the field and click Apply coupon and the price changes.
•    Read and accept the terms and conditions (check the box).
•    Clicking on Place order moves you to Maksuturva’s page (online payment service) for payment. After the payment return to the online store to verify your purchase and to print out your tickets. The tickets are also sent to your email address as a pdf file.
•    You can print out the tickets or shown them electronically at the entrance.

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